Muffler Clamps

Stainless Muffler Clamps

Stainless Steel Muffler Clamps for Harley-Davidson Exhaust Systems

The clamp features a 1.25” wide stainless band with an exclusive reaction block for 360 degree clamping without muffler or header distortion. High-strength fastener hardware with corrosion resistant coating included. Sold in pairs. Made in the USA. 

Replaces 1” wide 65296-95A OEM muffler clamps.

Fits mufflers with 1.75” inside diameter inlets.

—203030   Exhaust Clamps  (pair)                      MSRP $15.95

Availability: June 2013

AR® Power Cones™
US. Patent 4,206, 600. Authentic-manufactured under license from Feuling Engineering. Stainless steel. Low cost drop-in performance improvement to XL and Big Twin Evolution as well as Twin Cam 88" stock and most after-market systems.
-202000 AR® Power Cones™(pr.) M.S.L. $31.49

Instructions for 202000



For 1¾" and 2" Outside Diameter Exhausts U.S. Patent 5,173,576. Improve low & mid-range performance of drag pipes and dampen sound. All steel construction.
-202010 For 1 3/4" pipes (ea.) M.S.L. $26.99
-202012 For 1 3/4" pipes (pr.) M.S.L. $49.99
-202030 For 2" pipes (ea.) M.S.L. $26.99
-202032 For 2" pipes (pr.) M.S.L. $49.99

Instructions for 202010

For 2¼" Outside Diameter Exhausts
Features our 2" HP-Plus baffle welded in a 10" long tube expanded to fit in 16 or 18 gage pipes.
-202035 For 2¼ pipes (ea.) M.S.L. $28.50
-202037 For 2¼ pipes (pr.) M.S.L. $55.00


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