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Can I buy direct from Khrome Werks?

Our accessories for Harley-Davidson models are sold through established specialty distributors of after-market motorcycle parts and accessories and are not sold dealer or consumer direct unless not cataloged by distributors. Our accessories for Yamaha and Honda are available through dealers or factory direct.

When ordering accessories for Harleys from a dealer you must refer to the distributors catalog number that carries the specific Khrome Werks product you are interested in. Please see our part number cross-reference chart. Do not use our factory part numbers.

Where can I buy Khrome Werks products?

Khrome Werks products are available through your local motorcycle and motorcycle accessory dealers who purchase after-market accessories from the major distributors.

Most distributors offer a dealer locator service on their web site home page. Click the distributor's name from the top of our Cross Reference or on the Link's page to jump to their home page.

Are replacement parts available?

Yes, for most Khrome Werks products. Either you or your dealer can order replacement parts factory-direct. Prices will be quoted at time of order. Order terms are C.O.D. or credit card (Visa/Master or Discover). We can ship using most standard carriers: UPS, Parcel Post, Priority Mail, Federal Express. Shipping charges to be paid by the customer.

What is Khrome Werks' product warranty?

Khrome Werks offers a Limited Warranty that Khrome Werks goods, properly installed, maintained and operated under normal conditions shall be free from any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date the goods are sold to the end user. Any returns for repair or replacement of suspected defect must be made through one of our authorized distributors and its authorized dealer.

Is exhaust bluing a warrantable condition?

No. All chrome plated steel exhaust pipes or mufflers will "blue" or discolor when the surface temperature reaches 900°F. This can occur if the fuel mixture is too rich. Instead of the charge burning mostly in the combustion chamber, the mixture continues to burn after the exhaust valve opens, down the pipe, causing extreme heat and bluing of the metal and its plated surface in the most restrictive areas - most commonly the bends or the baffle area. Cleaning products, such as Blue Buster™, are available and when properly used are quite effective in removing most discoloration from pipes. Heat shields are now available for 3" mufflers.

Is re-jetting necessary to install Khrome Werks AR® exhaust systems?

Many customers think a richer main jet is required when changing to high performance pipes and/or free flowing air cleaner. Air/fuel mixture ratios taken during dyno and road tests of our HP-Plus Mufflers and AR systems on stock Harley-Davidsons with free-flowing air cleaners showed no main jet changes were required to obtain desired performance and mixtures. But many required to be richer at idle and just off idle. The idle mixture screw should be set at 1/2-1 1/2 turns. A simple way to enrichen the off idle mixture on CV carbs is to raise the needle .030"-.040" with a washer or replace the needle with H-D part no 27094-88. If still too lean replace the slow jet with one size larger. Bikes with cams, high compression pistons, big bore kits etc. will require adjustments to all carb jets.

Do your exhaust systems fit H-D 883 and 1200 Customs?

Our systems will fit 883 and 1200 Custom models thru 2003, or motorcycles equipped with accessory forward controls, however the foot peg/brake assembly may have to be spaced outward to provide adequate clearance for brake pedal. Failure to do so may cause the brake pedal to contact and/or bind against the exhaust pipe and/or heat shield. Suggested Procedures to provide proper clearance between pipe and brake pedal: 1. Use old style thinner flat port gaskets to move pipe inward. 2. The port nuts must be tightened evenly. Over tightening the top nut will force pipe outward at the bottom. Follow exhaust mounting instructions. 3. If these steps do not provide adequate clearance then a spacer behind the forward control footrest support may be needed. Materials required: custom made spacer - 1.25" - 1.375" o.d. x 1.0" i.d. x .25" thick; Fender washer, ¼" i.d. x 1 ¼" o.d.; Hex Cap Screw, 1/4-20 x ½"; Loctite 242 blue (or equivalent) Drill .875" deep in the center of the end of the forward control footrest support that inserts into the motor mount plate using a .201" drill bit. Bottom tap ¼"-20. Install the forward control footrest support with the .25" spacer against the motor mount plate. Torque to factory specs. Apply Loctite to hex cap screw; install the fender washer and screw into tapped hole of footrest support. Reinstall the brake pedal assembly. Test brake pedal/exhaust pipe clearance before attempting to ride. WARNING: The fender washer and hex cap screw replace the factory retaining clip. Failure to use these parts could result in footrest support backing out, falling out and subsequent loss of brake pedal.

My bike backfires during de-acceleration after I installed aftermarket mufflers. Can the backfiring be minimized or eliminated?

Backfiring (or more accurately "afterfire") is caused by unburned fuel/air mixture being ignited by the heat of the muffler. When the throttle is closed during de-acceleration and the transmission is in gear, the engine continues to rotate at a faster rpm relative to the throttle position. As a result of this engine rotation, more air/fuel mix is pulled through the carburetor or injector throttle body (dependant upon it's ECM program). This mixture can then build up in the hot muffler and ignite. The bang heard is the sound of this fuel igniting after the throttle has been closed while de-accelerating. There are several other factors involved such as; ambient temperature, fuel additives, carburetor settings, ECU programs, alcohol enriched fuels, etc. that may also contribute to the afterfire condition. Stock restrictive mufflers mask this condition. Aftermarket mufflers are more open and allow the "bang" to be more apparent. Some types of exhaust systems such as "True-Duals" on Harley-Davidsons seem to magnify the affect. Engines with carburetors can usually be rejetted to minimize the afterfire affect. Minimizing the afterfire affect of fuel injected bikes is dependent on the ability to reprogram their ECU's.

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